What to Expect – Highland Park, IL

What Happens When It's Time To Straighten Your Smile?

woman looking at x-ray

1. Initial Welcome and Exam

During Your Exam We Will Learn More About You

We have a commitment to ensure that our patients receive the best care and support possible, so they feel confident and safe at our clinic and are therefore able to thrive! Our staff is trained to work with young people and adults to make sure their experience is extraordinary. During your exam, we will use 3D scans with zero radiation to gather valuable information about the intricacies of your bite alignment, the shape of you teeth, and the function of your joints. This will help determine what treatments will work and more importantly, which will not.

2. Your Results

We pride ourselves on delivering the best education possible to our patients to allow them to make informed decisions.

After 3D modeling is completed, you will sit down with Dr. Cohen to go over your results. During this time, you will learn more about your mouth than you probably want to know, but that’s a good thing :). Dr. Cohen will share valuable insights about your current alignment and what can be done to craft a stunning smile.

3. Affordable Financing Options

We are proud to offer affordable financing options to make orthodontic care available to all families.

Once your results have been reviewed with Dr. Cohen, you have an important decision to make, how are you going to pay for treatment? Not to worry, we offer flexible financing options that make the cost of orthodontic care minimal.

4. Getting Started

You will be welcomed into our family and be ready for an amazing journey.

We are so excited for you! You have made a great decision to get started at our Highland Park Orthodontic Office. Depending on your course of treatment, we will set you up for success by booking follow up appointments in advance, giving you tons of resources to help you along this journey and provide you advice on how long treatment will take to complete.

Get Started!