Meet Your Orthodontic Team—Highland Park, IL

Your Guides Toward a Straighter Smile

Our team members not only love working with our patients, but also each other, and this helps create the warm, friendly, and welcoming atmosphere in our office that we are sure you’ll notice and appreciate. Combining down-to-earth personalities with high-level professionalism and skill, they are ready to make your journey toward a straighter smile as smooth as possible.

Alesha, Executive Office & Clinic Director

Alesha is an Illinois native that has more than a decade of experience in the dental field! That started at First Institute, which is where she earned her dental assisting certificate as well as her coronal polishing certificate. She has been an important member of our team for over two years now, and she has thoroughly enjoyed seeing first-hand how each patient’s confidence grows throughout their treatment.

Alesha has two children, three dogs, and a snake at home! As for hobbies, she loves camping, hiking, kayaking, baking, and reading. Here’s a fun fact about her: she’s getting married in 2025 to her fiancé, Sean.

Mayra, Lead Clinic Chair Side Smile Architect

Mayra says that the best part of her job is having the opportunity to help others with their smiles and getting to watch their confidence grow at every visit. She attended Harper College and started in general dentistry before transitioning to her orthodontic specialty.

Mayra is married with two children, and she likes going on fun adventures with her family on the weekends. These days, she can offer a lot of insight for our patients because she is currently undergoing clear aligner treatment with Dr. Cohen!

Jia, Patient Care & Social Media Coordinator

Jia grew up in Miami! She chose to complete her studies at Florida International University, and she now has more than two years of experience in the dental field. In that time, she has learned a lot about both the technical and emotional aspects of orthodontic care, and she has developed a passion for seeing our patients’ lives transform first-hand. Her role has a unique blend of patient interaction and storytelling through social platforms, which is why she finds her role so fulfilling!

Although Jia is miles away from her family, she continues to maintain a strong connection with them back in Florida. As for hobbies, she enjoys traveling, spending time with loved ones, and trying new restaurants. Here’s a fun fact about her: she’s currently pursuing her master’s degree in business administration!

Rylin, Patient Care Coordinator & Records Technician

Rylin joined the dental field and our team over a year ago now, and she has truly thrived in her role. When you come to our office, you’ll find her scheduling appointments, meticulously maintaining accurate patient documentation, and much more! Of course, her favorite part of her job is having the opportunity to play a pivotal role in making people smile (literally and figuratively).

Rylin’s life outside the office is busy as well! She spends her time taking care of little ones as a nanny, working at the front desk of a workout studio, and hanging out with friends and family whenever she can.

Daisy, Orthodontic Assistant

Daisy completed her studies at the College of Lake County, has undergone additional training in Coronal Polishing, and has more than four years of hands-on experience. Her favorite thing about being an orthodontic assistant at Dr. Jessica Cohen Orthodontics is the positive work environment. Plus, she gets to advance her skills and knowledge with our incredible orthodontist sharing all of her tips and tricks!

Here’s something you might not know about Daisy: she has her cosmetology license, and she’s a Lash Artist!

Ardita, Orthodontic Assistant

Ardita’s experience in the field of orthodontics began over two years ago. Since then, she’s learned a lot about braces, expanders, aligners, and even general and cosmetic dentistry! However, her passion continues to be orthodontics, especially since it allows her to see first-hand both the progress and final results.

Ardita’s family came her from Albania 20 years ago, and they love spending time together whenever they can. She also enjoys using her free time to go shopping, try new foods, go on walks, and travel. Here’s an interesting fact about her: she is currently going back to school!