Orthodontic Treatments – Highland Park, IL

Plenty of Options to Brighten Your Smile

Smile before and after orthodontic treatment

Our Treatment Options

A wide range of orthodontic treatments in Highland Park, IL to help you get the smile of your dreams.

Group of smiling young people receiving Invisalign teen treatment
sets of retainers sitting on table

Retainers – Highland Park, IL

Oh Yeah! The time has come to get those braces off but you still want to maintain that sparkling look. Retainers are how we accomplish that feat. Check it out.

woman putting invisalign onto teeth

Invisalign – Highland Park, IL

Ready to get your teeth looking great without the hassle of brushing and flossing in tight spaces or having to deal with the metal mouth look? Now is your chance! Check out the options Invisalign has for you at Dr. Jessica Cohen Orthodontics.

woman pointing to her metal braces

Metal Braces – Highland Park, IL

It's Time to Say Goodbye to massive brackets, headgear, expanders, painful metal tie wires and annoying rubber bands! Yuck! Welcome to the newest technology in metal braces. At Dr. Jessica Cohen Orthodontics we offer advanced brace options at the right price!.

Woman smiling with a clear braces on teeth

Clear Braces – Highland Park, IL

You won't have to complain about having a metal mouth anymore, with ceramic braces you can hardly notice you are wearing anything at all.

Angel Aligner in case

Angel Aligner - Highland Park, IL

Angel Aligner is an innovative technology with discreet and comfortable wear to improve your smile without the use of traditional metal braces and wires.

dentist showing child a model of teeth during super seven checkup
dentist looking at model of teeth to plan non surgical bit correction