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Look Your Best And Feel Even Better With Clear Braces

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Ceramic Braces in Highland Park

Ceramic braces are quite similar to traditional metal braces, however, the brackets are made of a ceramic material.

Then, these brackets are paired up with a white archwire and clear bands, making them virtually invisible.

These clear braces from our Highland Park, IL orthodontist are way less noticeable. From a few feet away, your best friend may not even notice that you have braces on.

Do Ceramic Braces Stain?

When they first came out, ceramic braces staining did tend to happen, especially because many of the braces were made of cheap plastic.

Today’s ceramic braces do not have that same problem and are able to retain their same color throughout your treatment plan.

At Dr. Jessica Cohen Orthodontics, we only use the best quality materials for all of our realignment hardware.

A 4 Part Comparison Between Metal & Ceramic Braces


While ceramic braces are tough, they’re made from a weaker material that can chip or crack upon impact. If you play contact sports where that’s a real possibility, metal may be your best option.


Metal braces tend to move your teeth slightly faster than ceramic, though ceramic braces are faster than Invisalign and because ceramic braces require less adjustments than metal braces, you won’t need as many visits to our orthodontic office.


While they are really close, metal braces are less expensive than ceramic.


This is certainly the biggest difference between the two options. Ceramic braces aren’t nearly as noticeable as metal.

Though the metal braces of today are much smaller when compared to what they used to look like, they aren’t transparent.

What we have seen is that ceramic braces are an ideal option for people (generally adults) who want to straighten and align their teeth, but also feel confident in social and professional situations. Ceramic braces are great for anyone, but especially those who play sports, or have more severe misalignments.

Ceramic is Not The Best Option for Severe Misalignments

Severe teeth or bite misalignments might not be suitable for ceramic braces, but these braces are well suited for the majority of cases.

Dr. Cohen will be able to explain the suitability of clear ceramic braces for your specific case and will determine if they are a suitable option for your needs.

Ceramic Braces FAQs

Are you trying to decide whether ceramic braces are right for you? Do you feel like you have a clear idea of what to expect during the orthodontic process? Naturally, our team will be more than happy to lend an ear if you have any questions or concerns regarding ceramic braces. That said, you can start learning more about this orthodontic treatment right now simply by reading through the FAQs below, which include our helpful answers to a number of popular inquiries.

Are Teenagers Eligible for Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces are indeed a viable option for teenage patients. If your teenager is reluctant to get braces because they’re worried about the impact that the brackets and wires will have on their appearance, ceramic braces can certainly be worth considering.

Of course, ceramic braces are more suitable for some smiles than others. The only way to know for sure whether they’re a good fit for your teenager is to schedule an orthodontic consultation with our team. We’ll carefully examine your teenager’s smile and consider all of the available treatment options before we make any recommendations.

Are Ceramic Braces Uncomfortable to Wear?

Like traditional braces, ceramic braces exert pressure on the teeth in order to move them. Naturally, some discomfort can be expected during this process. However, taking an over-the-counter pain reliever can help, and the discomfort should fade after a while once the mouth has had a chance to adjust.

It should be noted that the brackets of ceramic braces are smaller and more rounded compared to those of metal braces. This means that they’re less prone to irritating the soft tissues in your mouth.

How Long Does a Treatment with Ceramic Braces Take?

The answer to this question can vary quite a bit from patient to patient. Some alignment issues are more severe than others and thus will take more time to correct. Generally speaking, you can expect the timeline to fall anywhere between 18 and 36 months.

If you want to keep your treatment on schedule, you need to protect your ceramic braces from damage. That means wearing a mouthguard while playing sports, staying away from overly hard foods, and calling our office as soon as you notice any problems with your brackets and wires.

How Much Do Ceramic Braces Cost?

This is not a question that has a single answer. The amount that you end up paying for ceramic braces won’t necessarily be the same as what another patient pays. The length of the treatment is a key factor, as it affects how often you will need to have your braces adjusted. On top of that, you will also need to consider the cost of retainers, which are necessary for retaining your newly straightened smile once your braces have been removed.

It should be noted that our office offers affordable financing options. If you’re not sure how you’re going to fit ceramic braces into your budget, feel free to ask our team about financing.