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Is It Okay to Get Teeth Whitening After Braces?

August 4, 2022

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puzzled person with braces

It’s been a long time coming – the day has finally arrived that you get your braces off! After your orthodontist in Highland Park removes the wires and brackets, you can’t help but smile at how straight your teeth are now. However, you still see some work to be done – your teeth are uneven in color due to the areas that were covered by your brackets. As you consider your next move, here are some things to know about teeth whitening after braces.


4 Foods to Avoid After Having Your Teeth Whitened

July 13, 2022

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closeup of beautiful smile after professional take-home teeth whitening in Highland Park

If you want a truly dazzling and beautiful smile, the subpar results from store-bought teeth whitening products just won’t do. Fortunately, with a professional take-home teeth whitening in Highland Park, you can achieve stunning results from the comfort and convenience of your own home. With the right care, your newly brightened smile can stay gleaming for up to a year! To help make the most of your take-home teeth whitening, make sure to avoid or limit these four staining foods.


Tips to Get Through Your First Week of Braces

March 4, 2022

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When you’ve been dealing with misaligned teeth, the decision to get braces can be a game-changer for your smile. Along your journey, braces will take some getting used to, of course. Don’t worry, because your orthodontist in Highland Park has some tips to help you ensure your first week with braces is a net positive.


4 Reasons Why Invisalign Is Better Than DIY Clear Aligners

February 3, 2022

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Woman holding her Invisalign aligner.

If you’re unhappy with your smile due to crooked teeth, your situation isn’t hopeless! There are plenty of available treatment options that can effectively correct misaligned teeth; and fortunately, many of them are much quicker, comfortable, and discreet compared to traditional braces. That said, how do you know if you should go with a professional option like Invisalign, or opt for cheaper, do-it-yourself alternatives? Keep reading to learn about four reasons why Invisalign easily outperforms other DIY clear aligners and is the better choice by far.


Invisalign Timeline: How Long Does Treatment Take?

December 6, 2021

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person holding Invisalign aligner and smiling

Though traditional braces are a great way to straighten one’s smile, Invisalign clear aligners are preferred by many patients since they’re nearly invisible. Invisalign is also removable, which makes it easier for patients to clean their teeth and eat virtually anything without issue. If you’ve been thinking about getting Invisalign to close gaps and correct alignment issues, you may be wondering how long it will take. Read on to learn about the Invisalign timeline and what impacts it.


Wondering How Long It Takes for Braces to Straighten Your Teeth? Read This!

October 1, 2021

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Are you insecure due to crooked or gapped teeth? Then you’ve probably considered getting braces on more than one occasion. Nowadays, orthodontic treatment is more discreet, comfortable, and convenient than ever before. Plus, your braces treatment time may not be as long as you might think! Keep reading to learn the average and what you can do to speed up the process.


3D Scanning iTero Scanner: The Benefits and Applications Explained

June 29, 2021

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Gone are the days of messy impressions and drooling out of the side of your mouth while you wait for someone to remove the putty mold. Yes, 3D scans are here.

In the world of orthodontics, models play an important role. Thankfully, 3D scanning replaces the need for physical molds of your teeth. That way, orthodontists can plan your treatment and make plan adjustments as you progress digitally.

There are a lot of reasons why 3D scanning makes orthodontist offices more efficient and comfortable for patients.

Let’s go into why we decided to make the switch!


Top 10 Foods to Eat and Avoid with Braces

April 5, 2021

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Did you know that people with straight teeth are perceived as being more successful and smarter?

While we aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, that doesn’t mean that we don’t. Having straight teeth is something that can lead us to feel more confident in our smiles and our looks. For that reason, it’s no wonder it is so common for people to have braces at some point in their lives.

While having braces has a long list of benefits, it does mean that you have to sacrifice some time, attention, and energy to the cause. Keeping your braces clean and in good shape is important to keep your treatment on track. As a part of that, there are certain foods you shouldn’t eat while you have braces on.

What foods should you eat and avoid while you have braces? Let’s take a look at the top ten foods in each category.


How to Brush and Floss Properly With Braces

January 7, 2020

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Brushing and flossing with braces can be a challenge, but we are here for you.

Remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day.

Always use a soft toothbrush. Start brushing on the upper right using small circular motions.

Make sure to Angle the toothbrush to brush above and below the braces.

Slowly work your brush toward the front teeth and over to the left side. Also, brush the insides of the teeth and biting surfaces.
Next, use the same circular motion and angling techniques to brush the lower teeth. It may take longer than the typical two minutes to ensure all teeth and braces have been thoroughly cleaned. Take your time.


Braces or Invisalign – Which Should You Choose?

November 21, 2019

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Now that you have made a great decision to straighten your teeth, you need to choose the best method to approach this.

As many people know the two most popular methods are Braces and Invisalign.

In this article, we are going to address some of the pros and cons of each option to help you make your decision effortlessly.

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