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A Better Bite Leads to a Healthier, Happier Life

Child holding up mouthguard used as part of non surgical bite correction plan

Quick Signs That You May Have A Bite Alignment Issue

  • Is it difficult to bite down on certain food?
  • Do your teeth meet properly?
  • Do you have speech difficulty?
  • Does you jaw hurt or pop?

A malocclusion, or bad bite, can cause complications that lead to premature wear and tear of the teeth, and discomfort and pain when attempting to chew food.

Overtime, the misaligned bite can lead to worn and cracked teeth and even overexposed nerves in the mouth.

Did you know that braces can be used to align the jaw as they straighten crooked teeth?

This will improve your bite and can prevent significant speech difficulties in children.

When your teeth or jaw do not fit together properly, orthodontic treatment may be necessary in order to improve the alignment and function of your bite.

Traditional Braces or Invisalign will not only straighten your teeth, but can also improve your bite.

Once treated, a properly aligned bite will greatly improve your health.

Think you or one of your children might have a bite problem?

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Reasons You May Need Non-Surgical Bite Correction

The jaw and neck are complex anatomical structures.

These joints involve many muscles, tendons, and ligaments to operate effectively.

Even if there is a slight misalignment, you will frequently be biting down unevenly.

This leads to a number of long-term complications including:

  1. Repeated and lasting pain in the head, neck, or face
  2. Broken, fractured, or excessively worn teeth
  3. Facial sensitivity
  4. Chronic headaches or migraines
  5. Clenching of the jaw and/or grinding of the teeth, especially while sleeping
  6. Ringing in the ears
  7. Temporomandibular joint disorder

Fortunately, a bite alignment issues can be corrected with non-surgical bite correction from a skilled orthodontist.

This treatment can be faster, cheaper, and less traumatic. It is easier than you might think!

4 Options for Non-Surgical Bite Correction

There are many options for non-surgical bite correction.

Below, we are going to check out four common options:

Orthodontic Treatments

The use of orthodontic devices such as braces, Invisalign, retainers, or other orthodontic appliances may be appropriate.

Dr. Cohen can fit patients of all ages with proper orthodontic appliances.

By using this method, we can slowly move teeth into the correct position.

This form of non-surgical bite correction will eventually cause the teeth to line up perfectly and make sure your bite force is equally distributed across the mouth.

Tooth Reshaping

Sometimes, we come across situations where your teeth are perfectly aligned, but the actual surface of the bite doesn’t match up. This form of non-surgical bite correction is usually a fairly simple fix.

It can often be accomplished in only one or two visits!

Dr. Cohen will perform an assessment to determine where the biting surface is causing issues, once these areas are determined, she will use a tool to reshape the surface of the teeth and create even distribution of force across the mouth

A mouthguard for Sleeping

Another option is a custom-fitted mouthguard.

While sleeping, the mouthguard will begin to realign the teeth slowly.

This corrects a bad bite and can eliminate teeth grinding at nighttime.

Replacement Or Reconstruction Options

This is definitely the most dramatic form of non-surgical bite correction.

By using dental constructions such as fillings, crowns, or even dental implants, Dr. Cohen can repair teeth that have suffered wear and tear damage to make sure your bite is evenly spaced.

If you are experiencing bite alignment issues the best option is to speak with Dr. Cohen about what treatment option would work for you and your lifestyle.

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