What is a Dr. Jessica Smile?

What is a Dr. Jessica Smile?

Woman smiling in the mirror after orthodontic treatment

Esthetics in Orthodontics: Why It Matters

When it comes to orthodontics, esthetics play a crucial role in achieving a beautiful and confident smile. But what exactly defines a Dr. Jessica smile?

A Dr. Jessica smile is characterized by its seamless flow from the front to the back, ensuring a harmonious look.

Key features include:

  • - Great Arch Width: Providing a broad and balanced appearance.
  • - Upper Teeth Display: Ensuring that the upper teeth are prominently and attractively shown.
  • - Nice Smile Arch: Creating a pleasing curvature that enhances the overall smile.
  • - Properly Shaped Teeth: Meticulous attention to the shape and alignment of each tooth.
  • These elements come together to create the signature Dr. Jessica smile, often achieved with ClearAligners, DamonBraces, and Pitts21 systems.

Don’t Forget Tooth Color!

A radiant smile isn’t complete without sparkling white teeth. Our DJC whitening pens ensure your teeth stay as bright as your confidence.